What if LOGAN had a POST-CREDIT SCENE? Featuring DEADPOOL (*Spoilers*) Fan-Made

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What If LOGAN ending had a Post-Credit Scene? Feat. DEADPOOL (*SPOILERS*) Fan-Made and EXCLUSIVE to JoBlo.

If there actually was a post-credit scene at the end of LOGAN, what do you think it would have been? Well the guys at
Banana-Dragon Productions brilliantly made it happen with a FAN-MADE clip that shows Deadpool discovering Logan’s grave and debating whether or not to bring him back to life for a Deadpool/Logan spin-off movie.

See more from Banana-Dragon Productions: http://www.banana-dragonprod.com/. This video was created by them EXCLUSIVELY for the JoBlo Movie Network. If you see this video on any other channel, they’re ripping it off and please let us know! Thanks.

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20 thoughts on “What if LOGAN had a POST-CREDIT SCENE? Featuring DEADPOOL (*Spoilers*) Fan-Made

  1. The big question. What if #Logan had a post-credit scene? What would it be? Well #Deadpool has the answer for you! Be aware to everyone watching that this video does contain MASSIVE SPOILERS as mentioned in the title.

  2. deadpool should be mgtow

  3. Ryan is just so perfect for Wade XD

  4. The animated x men cartoon theme as his ringtone for collosus.

  5. what is the bgm?

  6. I know it was fan made, but I'm still just over here like "DAMN IT, Wade, don't puss out on me now! Are you a man or aren't you?!" LMAO

  7. Just do it

  8. Whats the name of the ringtone in deadpool mobile

  9. man, i almostly thought logan would ve back 🙁

  10. Brilliance

  11. It would be shitty and unfunny, nobody wants to see forced Comedy at the end of a beautiful film.

  12. If I were to imagine the post credit scene, to me I'd see deadpool walk up to his grave and then start talking like the person from the 'Dog won't listen to owner' video saying: 'Aww shit, man what da fuck happened to you? Man u all fucked up and shit with then blood wounds everywhere and shit…awwww fuck man….shit…'

  13. Wolverines is back a hidden character of avengers infinity war

  14. good job this is the first fan made i´d like! maybe the only one

  15. That whould just ruin it.

  16. what is the title of deadpool's ringtone?

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