Transformers: The Last Knight Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Michael Bay Movie

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Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Mark Wahlberg, and Laura Haddock
Transformers: The Last Knight Official Trailer – Teaser (2017) – Michael Bay Movie

Transformers: The Last Knight is an upcoming 2017 American 3D science fiction-action film based on the Transformers toy line.

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20 thoughts on “Transformers: The Last Knight Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Michael Bay Movie

  1. Absolute Rubbish,150 minutes you’ll never get back.

  2. Michael Bay just ruined the movie

  3. Sam wasn’t in age of extinction and he still isn’t in the last knight. Personally I love the original character. It makes me sad to think that I’m spending all of this money on the movies when I don’t like the characters. Because the characters made a connection with us but now… I also still wanted bumblebee to be sams guardian and to stick together. 😔😔

  4. Transformers keep coming because of the staff

  5. This was the most brutal trailer (I mean the music)

  6. Optimus prime is the worst bublebee is the best

  7. Anybody knows that very first track on here that's playing? I'm searching the soundtrack for it

  8. Wowee more explosions

  9. Well. The writers changed. The actors changed. The formula has changed. But Michael Bay hasn't. At first I believed it was Ehren Krugers fault for the shitty plot of Transformers but if this movie turned out shitty with Akiva Goldsman's writing then it's time to look at the common denominator. Michael needs out of the transformers franchise.

  10. It's already been a year since this trailer was released time flies soooo fast

  11. All I hear is Odin, anyone else ?

  12. Trasnformers – The Last night ill ever spend on new Transformers movies ever….
    This movie is total disaster….

  13. Well, the trailer looks so good but the movie… just sucks.

  14. About to re-watch this for the 12th time. Wish me luck!

  15. I love Transformers I really do I know everything about Transformers too. But this film is terrible….. I'm not hating on Transformers I'm hating on Michael Bay. For all those new Transformers fans….. Transformers is really good but I can see how these films put you off

  16. save me transformer,my father not getting respect in DD and I am not getting Good love,peace and help in life

  17. To me the movie was not that great the conflict of the movie was all over the place didn’t understand on what was going on this movie just ruins the whole franchise of transformers even the foreigner was better than this

  18. Bumblebee: The Movie Trailer will be relased on 12.4.17!

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