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Here are the top upcoming animated Movies for the first half of 2018

00:03 Hotel Transylvania 3
01:35 The Incredibles 2
02:26 Peter Rabbit
04:40 Isle Of Dogs
07:14 Early Man
09:28 Sherlock Gnomes
11:43 Duck Duck Goose
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20 thoughts on “TOP UPCOMING ANIMATED MOVIES 2018 (Trailer)

  1. U guys are all pervs

  2. My wife saw jak jak and squealed.

  3. I want to insert my penis into her vagina, if you catch my drift.

  4. 2018 is gonna be good

  5. hog nob the pig 😉

  6. Shake shake shake senora beetlejuice 😍

  7. Isle of dogs looks incredible

  8. Hahahha when the dog see the skeletons xD

  9. i liked them all except isle of dogs and the last two

  10. Hotel transylvania 3

    Welcome to Titanic…

  11. Привет)

  12. That duck sed family friendly.
    I feel like they was inspired ;/

  13. Peter rabbit looks good

  14. Is anyone else REALLY exited for Peter Rabbit?

  15. very good

  16. Where the heck is "Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse"?! It looks way better than ALL of these movies combined

  17. Похоже будет скучный год. Кроме Суперсемейки и возможно Трансильвания. И почему во всех мультиках либо пердят либо рыгают? Американцы считают это смешным?

  18. Dat thumbnail

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