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20 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Trailers HD (1977 – 2015).

  1. Episode III has as far the best trailer and in my opinion is also the best movie

  2. Najbolje ikada

  3. So basically in the late 90s and early 00s trailers told you the plot of the film

  4. Ep 8 is so good

  5. Yoda looked like a gremlin

  6. u can hear Darth Vader at 4:12

  7. i got some nostalgia watching these trailers but then ep 7 trailer came up and i remembered that this franchise is now dead. RIP Star Wars 1977-2014

  8. ep 7 trailer looks so much more boring and unexciting than the rest

  9. so basically people who havent watched the originals but only watched the prequels when they came out got Anakin`s fall to the dark side and Palpatine being the main villain spoiled to them by the trailer

  10. should have started with the originals

  11. the empire strikes back guy " see brother make out with his sister " ,,,,=^oo^=,,,,

  12. The Force Awakens was too millennial

  13. Episodes 1-3 are of much higher quality films than episodes 4-6. 1-3 just look far more visually stunning by doing away with practical effects and instead they masterfully incorporated CGI on every frame of the movie. Not to mention the stories are incredibly compelling with engaging and story rich dialogue brought to life by the incredibly talented cast who absolutely nailed the roles they were casted for. From fresh characters like Binks, to the familiar faces who have made their return like Yoda.(who has returned more powerful and interesting as a character than ever before.) Episodes 1-3 have set the standard on how to properly begin telling a beautiful story.
    Whereas 4-6 are just cheesy, stereotypical hero vs villain cliche repeats of one another whose best character is covered in hair and makes simple noises. The story might as well be nonexistent. As the hero is a typical farm boy who gets wound up in some trouble. The only saving grace for the story was the “reveal” that Darth Vader is Luke’s father. However, I, and millions of other intelligent individuals struggle to understand why this “reveal” was ever a big deal, seeings as how 1-3 were entirely based around him. The original trilogy suffers from poor visual effects, poor dialogue exchange, poor representation, poor characters, and an all round poor story.
    Episode 7 was revolutionary in terms of cinema. It was a landmark of perfection that the masses will gaze upon for at least another century to come. The amazing visuals. The female protagonist, with her sexually ambiguous black male sidekick. The original and fresh story that is unlike and unrivaled by no other in the franchise. They brought back old characters and made them better than ever. Episode 7 was truly a unique masterpiece, the likes of which we will never see again.

  14. I watched all the star wars and played the games on Xbox 360 and All the playstations except the 4 playstation.

  15. Only 7 is good but the movie is shit

  16. That trailer for episode 3 revealed pretty much every thing

  17. starwars episode 4 is like low budget

  18. I had no idea these trailers were soooooo bad

  19. So many years !!! , tantos años en tan solo unos minutos !

  20. One things for sure; We have gotten A LOT better at making previews

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