SAUSAGE PARTY Trailer Official | Seth Rogen Red Band Filme 2016

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SAUSAGE PARTY Trailer Official | Seth Rogen Red Band Filme 2016 | Deutsch German Kinostart: 18 August 2016

Sausage Party erzählt von einem Würstchen, das aus einem Einkaufswagen fällt und sich, gemeinsam mit anderen Lebensmitteln, auf die Reise durch den Supermarkt macht, um rechtzeitig zum Ausverkauf am 4. Juli, dem amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitstag, wieder in den Regalen zu stehen.

Hier bekommst du die Iron Man Wandleuchte:

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20 thoughts on “SAUSAGE PARTY Trailer Official | Seth Rogen Red Band Filme 2016

  1. 1:24 What I said after Little Shop of HORRORS

  2. I watched sausage party 2 times.

  3. Wow 😂😂😂😂 So much for a kids movie

  4. I watched this on Netflix and thought it was disgusting. Hope my parents never find out.

  5. Is this for kid's?

  6. its this a Kids movie couse there is The F word and the S word

  7. I thought this was a kid movie…shit…

  8. 1:07 Everybody's reaction to the ending

  9. This should be called the secret life of food

  10. Once you see that shit…

    It'll fuck u up for liffffe

  11. Kids are gonna be confused

  12. Sind wir das essen, nein wir sind die jäger….

  13. Sausage Party was director of Shrek 2, Monsters. Vs. Aliens, Madagascar 3, and Thomas the tank engine.

  14. Barry cracks me up so as Carl
    run for your fucking life's 😆

  15. I came here for the happy, cheerful, everything's gonna be fine, feelin' good musical intro…

    Then after that.. I just let myself watch the WTF carnage mess up my brain again…

  16. "what………..the…..FUCK!!!!!!"- Frank 2016

  17. I love this! At first it's like a kid's movie, and then it's like "HOLY SHIT!!!"

  18. Only a Jew could create such a movie. Promoting all kinds of immorality, bad language, the ultimate decay of moral values in all areas of life. Tasteless, unfunny, stupid. The picture of a jewish world.

  19. vietato ai minori di 40 anni haha

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