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  1. Is this shit Fan made??? Cmon.. Not even a ouija board involved at all, or no tie-in to the other 2? Im dead as fuck right now!!lol

  2. La puta peor peli de la historia

  3. playin fake !

  4. Fake horror !!!!
    i like the real horror like IT Poltergeist Chucky 1

  5. Omg… Its funny XD

  6. This looks more like a comedy wtf is this horror or comedy

  7. porcaria nao asistan

  8. Dumb just dumb I really don't have much words honestly…

  9. I feel like its a comdy

  10. this looks like a parody lol

  11. Er excuse me…is that Imovie jingle sound effect at 1:40 for real ????!!! Who did that trailer y'all ??!!🤣🤣

  12. This looks like a spoof wtf what a bad film anyone that watches this needs help!

  13. I can see it looks like it sucks😩

  14. This movie sucks

  15. after two first succesful movies about this saga, this third one is a flop
    making a film about that stupid challenge? cmon…

  16. la peor pelicula que eh visto

  17. Yes please I'll take 2

  18. This movie fucking sucks

  19. horribleeeeee peliculaaaa

  20. valla mierda de pelicula mejor no verla cuando salga

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