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From visionary director Tim Burton, and based upon the best-selling novel, comes an unforgettable motion picture experience. When Jake discovers clues to a mystery that spans alternate realities and times, he uncovers a secret refuge known as Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As he learns about the residents and their unusual abilities, Jake realizes that safety is an illusion, and danger lurks in the form of powerful, hidden enemies. Jake must figure out who is real, who can be trusted, and who he really is.

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Cast: Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Ella Purnell, Allison Janney, Terence Stamp, Rupert Everett, with Judi Dench and Samuel L. Jackson

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | 20th Century FOX
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20 thoughts on “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | 20th Century FOX

  1. I love Emma because she is amazing.

  2. "Not everything in the world has been discovered yet" 🌎👍

  3. Idek why but this movie made me want to eat cookies🍪❤️(btw I cry everytime I watch this movie omg😭😍😍)

  4. I wаtchеd MМMiss РРeregrine's Homе fоr Рeсuliar Childrееn full moviе herе https://twitter.com/0b2f2189bf4312e93/status/876620634020691968

  5. My Emma and Jacob feels😭💔

  6. I read the book and it was amazing

  7. who notice those long monsters like slender man? because I saw it

  8. Miss Peeeereеegrineeee's Hooome for Pеculiar Childreеen mooovie here => https://twitter.com/0b2f2189bf4312e93/status/876620634020691968

  9. Мiss РPРerеgrinе's Home fоr Рeeессcсuliаr Children full mоviе herеeee => https://twitter.com/0b2f2189bf4312e93/status/876620634020691968

  10. Тhis is the nicеist mоviе i evеr sее!!! I аdvisе еvеrybоdуууу tо wаtсh it 🙂 https://twitter.com/0b2f2189bf4312e93/status/876620634020691968

  11. MММiss Реrеgrinе's Hоmе fоооr РPеculiar Childrеn full mоviе hеrеe => https://twitter.com/2bdeb0e9cf43c54b2/status/875171214578167809

  12. This movie was so fantastically bad that I don't even know where to begin– but the worst part is that I know it's exactly the amount of trite and cliche that would make most people think it's "brilliant." The entire plot felt like it was written by a high schooler's idea of "deep and profound," it's far too stupid to be worthwhile to adults and too creepy to be appropriate for kids. When I first saw the preview I could guess more or less at the gist of the plot,and ofc it turned out more or less like what I suspected– because it's just so chock full of cliche after cliche. The only worthwhile thing about it is the creativity in the 'weird' factor, but other than that it's like every character in this story acts like a melodramatic teenager's juvenile perception of what those people must be like– as opposed to a mildly credible depiction.

    (For example, the father doesn't act like an actual father, but like a self-absorbed teenager's idea of what a father might be like, "so sure of himself without really understanding or knowing" etc). You don't even need to see the film, you can tell from just the trailer that the characters with "deep and profound understanding" will be the teenage boy and the blond teenage girl, who will ofc "find delicate and beautiful love while no one else understands." Sad that loads of viewers will think that this really is a wonderful depiction of characters and a wonderful story.

  13. the thing at 1:47 looks like slenderman

  14. I'm fed up with comments saying the book is better than blah blah blah, in movie adaptations. I read books too, just enjoy both.

  15. I'm Peculiar

  16. The loop, did anyone notice that the bomb was a Nazi bomb 1/50 of the size of the mansionesque house?

  17. good movie but it's really annoying that their abilities are mixed up

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