Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Official Trailer #1 (2016) Eva Green Fantasy Movie HD

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Trailer 1 (2016) Eva Green Fantasy Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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20 thoughts on “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Official Trailer #1 (2016) Eva Green Fantasy Movie HD

  1. It Makes me so Mad that They switched Emmas and Olives Talents 😟

  2. I was so put off by how different this was from the book. Like honestly, why couldn't they have stuck to it even just a little? However, I loved the portrayal of Miss Peregrine she was awesome.

  3. it's a slender Man story and it's funny

  4. This gave me chills lol

  5. i like the book more but the film is also lit . bronwyn and claire are my favourite

  6. I recomend the movie.

  7. I like Eva Green so much.

  8. is this a scary movie?

  9. Peregrine is a type of falcon… coincidence? I think not.

  10. was that the titanic

    the movie was great to watch, but it was full of logical errors.
    this wont be in order.

    well, after they killed the invisible monsters, they could simply let the killing beauties to say hello with their faces to all the peculiar experimenters.

    Jake is a legendary misser, but why doesnt he try to kill Barron while he is winded up by Emma. Birds can wait. also, as we saw later, those Ymbrynes have no instinct to protect children. they are a bunch of chickens. they can create loops to imprison the bad peculiars. actually some of them could dedicate themselves to run these kind of loops. but instead, they let the children take care of them.

    and it was very foolish for a smart, cunning man like Barron to fail to think that Jake should be peculiar too, to pass through the loopgate. and also miss peregrine's giving Jake value could hint. after his grandpa being a monster hunter, what else could
    he inherit considering the rarity of the peculiarity genes.

    after Jake mentioned about the dead sheep and possible monster threat, Miss Peregrine shouldnt have let him leave or (if leaves) return, at least until they are departed.

    the fact that nothing happening in the loop can change the running timeline means that the Ymbrynes cant control time. they can simulate the past.

    bonus things to think:
    also the ability to see monsters is lame. how did they even discover Abe as a peculiar? would he be normal if the peculiar scientists wouldnt turn into invisible monsters? i mean peculiarity is explained by genes, and before the scientists' experiments, these genes were still existent. think a person with the same peculiarity genes as Abe's, but before the experiment with Ymbrynes, is a peculiar or not? can they cross a loopgate? in their time, there would be no difference with a normal person. by this logic, can a person with a peculiarity that will be valid in the future cross a loopgate?

    why dont Ymbrynes loop the whole world and fix everything after a reset? that would fix the experiment (or even better, they could continuously try to find the immortality). a bigger question is, if they did loop the whole world, what would the real time be? also think about a nested loop, a loop inside another.

    if anyone bears to read it all, i am willing to see your ideas.

  12. the future x-men.

  13. Books way better

  14. Jake can see invisible Resident Evil/Silent Hill looking mutants, but can't see the invisible kid??' LOL

  15. the movie is actually not that bad i liked it (the book is waaay better,just saying)

  16. Who cares if it's not just like the books, if the movie's good on it's
    own, or if it's just good plain and simple, THEN IT'S GOOD!!!~

  17. I love this movie, so Im going to buy and read the books. Everyone in the coments are saying that they are best than the movie

  18. Song please

  19. A bit pretentious, I'll stick with Xmen. Good try though Burton.

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