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20 thoughts on “LOGAN LUCKY Trailer (2017)

  1. This movie was amazing! Watch it!!!

  2. Ah am. In. Car. Cer. Ray. Ted.

  3. Daniel Craig = The real Slim Shady???

  4. What is this song's name

  5. I love movies pf daniel craig james bond spectre alien vs invaders skyfall and the last logan lucky wow!

  6. Great movie…


  8. James bond tries drug for the first time

  9. Bond gone bang

  10. awesome movie!

  11. He that's Jerry at the beginning

  12. I did not recognize Seth MacFarlane!

  13. So Magic Mike and his brother Kylo ren team up with James Bond to steal money from a company that has hired the winter soldier??

  14. i'm here because i like daniel craig

  15. Oh hell yeah I live in West Virginia dude.

  16. Bond should have just sticked to playing Bond. Adam driver is a terrible actor just watch Star wars …..How the hell he keeps getting movie roles ? Daddy or mommy? Family connection? You tell me.

  17. I swear, watching this movie, they made Katie Holmes tits look amazing.

  18. ,

  19. LMAO im dead… "all the twitters i know them" hahahahaa

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