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20 thoughts on “Indiana Jones 5 Official Trailer 2018 Harrison Ford Movie

  1. What is this shit ?!?

  2. How the scenes were copied from a fan made trailer

  3. Sad is that I didn’t even recognize that this is fake after the poor Star Wars movies lately this is a real scenario they could go…

  4. FAKE

  5. How about Indiana jones and the forbidden book of magic.

  6. Its so fake I see the mummie in captain America

  7. captian america indiana jones 2 and john carter

  8. Conseguiu me enganar.

  9. Indiana Jones 5 = 2020.

  10. Touché.

  11. It's fake this army is in america capitain this is a hydra army

  12. I didn’t know that Indiana Jones and captain America was in the same universe…

  13. Disgusting bro

  14. Damn people chill

  15. lpqtp . dejen en paz a los clasicos hdp. vasta de arruinar las mejores peliculas q se an inventado

  16. bullshit trailer. The real preview is not made. Boo to this shit fake preview! Shame on you

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