Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2

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20 thoughts on “Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2

  1. Can't wait to see him using the time stone

  2. pretty Awesome movie I loved it was funny and Awesome

  3. Inception 2: kaleidoscopes?

  4. 😁😁😁😁😁

  5. Best marvel movie ever

  6. i hope chapter daimond hellstrom and satana became movie

  7. it has a cool inception vibe to it

  8. No capes 🤣

  9. Shoot of the movie was done in Nepal , Kathmandu. Just near my house.

  10. Who is Still Watching this Trailer ?

  11. Strange Love That's All I'v Got.

  12. It’s so funny, you can tell that he is trying so hard to pull off an American accent😂😂😂😂

  13. Firmly element sister cookie pull climate male pursuit common performance.

  14. Omg it is made in nepal

  15. "Our days are numbered. Death is what gives life meaning." The Ancient One

  16. Its the WiFi password. Were not savages…lol

  17. I just love dr strange😍😘😊

  18. "It's the wifi password", OK, THIS IS GETTING TOO MODERN

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