BAYWATCH Daddario Twins Clip + Trailer (2017) Zac Efron New Comedy Movie HD

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BAYWATCH Trailer (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron Comedy HD
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20 thoughts on “BAYWATCH Daddario Twins Clip + Trailer (2017) Zac Efron New Comedy Movie HD


  2. can anyone tell me what the songs name is in this trailer??

  3. Baywatch my ass. More like Michael Baywatch

  4. There are only three reasons Daddario is in movies. Two of those are very ample well-rounded reasons. The third…. is…. what was I saying?

  5. She would have to force me to stare at her boobs, when her eyes are so mesmerizing.

  6. the number of spoilers is real

  7. lel youre about to watch a bunch of beautiful people….and Zac Efron

  8. Even with the TNA, this honestly looks like the stupidest movie of the year…

  9. Fast and Furious (Beach Vercion)

  10. daddario <3

  11. the promotion is unbelieveable, i watched so many of those trailers knowing i wont ever watch that shit movie lol

  12. When she jumped up and down pointing at her boobs and said "testing", every straight guy would fail that test!

  13. Good trailer..2 bad movie sucks

  14. If you need any actors in the future,hit me up

  15. love it

  16. Effron has a steroidchin… So obvious..

  17. what is the song which comes at 0:59 ?

  18. OMG Testing.

  19. can i hab a pusi plis ?

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