All Transformers Saga Trailers (2007 – 2017 )

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Your favorite trailer ?
Votre préfère trailer ?
Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen
Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon
Transformers 4 : Age of Extinction
Transformers 5 : The Last Knight

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20 thoughts on “All Transformers Saga Trailers (2007 – 2017 )

  1. Dark of the moon 🌑 ❤️it

  2. Goosebumps 😶

  3. I love all the movies but dark of the moon have the best trailer

  4. Dark of the moon and revenge of the fallen r the best

  5. I swear this the best franchise ever

  6. transformers the last knight trailer 3 is my favorite.

  7. What name music in scene 3 53 transformer revang of the fallen

  8. For those who haven't seen tf 5:it's the best movie of all

  9. Mon trailer préféré est celui du 3.

  10. My favorite Transformers movies are 1 and 2

  11. Dark of the moom
    Is a best

  12. For my world to live URS must die

  13. Transformers 5

  14. Wathing Transformers . bumbelbe IT not rip

  15. it's amazing how the trailers for AOE and TLK were so great at creating hype yet failed ever so greatly to deliver on that hype……hell the fan theories and ideas for TLK that were created just by people for the trailers of it would of been so much better then the actual plot of the movie

  16. This is a cool movie

  17. love the first movie, it at least had some heart with Spielberg on board , the rest were just mindnumbing, jingoistic , exploitative Bay shit

  18. When I found out sentinel was in transformers 3 I was shit scared

  19. Tranformers 4

  20. TF 5 has the best but you dont show the real one

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